Riamede also has a large pumpkin field behind the orchard. The haywagon will drop you at the pumpkin field gate and you can find that perfect jack o'lantern amongst the pumpkin leaves. Early in pumpkin season, it's "cut your own" pumpkins off the vine, so bring your own cutting tools!

Riamede's orchard is a walk-in orchard and you may pick apples without taking a hayride. You may just roam out into the orchard as you wish. Or you may hop on one of our haywagons that circles the orchard continuously. (The hayride is free.)

So sorry, but no dogs please.

Respecting that all is Nature, the orchard is wheelchair accessible.

Our farm also has orange, yellow and red pick-your-own cherry tomatoes in September and pick-your-own Indian Corn in October.

All must pay for apples picked. Our posted sign says: “Pick all you want, Buy all you pick.” Discarding picked apples is simple theft for which we have a zero tolerance policy.

Riamede Farm has an entrance fee on weekends and holidays. This is generally between$3 and $6 a person with very young children for free, and may be higher on Columbus Day weekend. There is no additional charge for the hayride. Our apple price per pound is neither the highest nor the lowest of pick-your-own apple farms in the western Morris County area. We do not post the price per pound because it may change throughout the season as apple supply waxes and wanes. Please be aware that social media postings are not Riamede Farm's postings and may or may not be accurate or current.

We do not accept credit cards (cash and check only please), but we do have an ATM on site for your convenience.

In our 42 years of pick-your-own, Riamede Farm has never had a serious accident, only the occasional bump and bruise. We take safety seriously.

Riamede Farm has no corn maze, no animal petting zoo, no trampolines, no moonwalks, no pony rides and no ice cream parlor. We are a peaceful, quiet olde-time apple orchard with a pumpkin field out back. Simple, authentic, and without the carnival.

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