Volunteer to Glean

Farmers Against Hunger needs volunteers. Food pantry demand is up and volunteers are down. Call or email Kris or Leena if you have some extra time to come out to glean. Not asking for money, just your time, which is far more valuable and much needed!

Farmers Against Hunger is a unique organization founded by a handful of concerned farmers. The mission of Farmers Against Hunger is to collect and distribute surplus fruits and vegetables from New Jersey farms to those in need through local community organizations. Gleanings are a key part of the FAH program: each year nearly 1,000 volunteers come out to fields to help pick and package produce.

Farmer's Against Hunger has recently teamed with America's Grow-a-Row to coordinate gleanings at Riamede Farm. Riamede's fallen apples are recovered from the ground and delivered to local food pantries.

But please, do not call Riamede Farm directly, all gleanings at our farm are organized by Kris and Leena. To volunteer call Leena at 973-534-4269 or Kris at 609-462-9691 or email: leena@americasgrowarow.org or farmersagainsthunger@gmail.com

To learn more, go to http://www.njagsociety.org/fah/fah.htm