Autumn Group Outings

Riamede Farm hosts school and group trips to our farm in September and October.

We greet groups with a warm donut and a cup of cider, chat about growing apples and then lead the children through the orchards to pick apples from the trees. Hayrides and a Pumpkin Patch visit may also be included for a full harvest day in the autumn countryside.

Group trips are by reservation only Tuesdays through Fridays.

We do not offer group trips on weekends which are our family days reserved for the general public's enjoyment. Indeed, we discourage organized groups on weekends. Buses are not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Riamede is a walk-in orchard and wheelchair accessible on a dry day. Hayrides are available but not necessary.

School Group Pricing

Riamede offers apple picking group trips, pumpkin picking group trips, and fall harvest group trips which combine both apple and pumpkin picking.

Choose from our fall outings for children. Please note that we offer fixed price group packages but also allow you to design your own trip from our a la carte outing menu.

Early to mid-September is a great time for school apple picking trips (which we have priced attractively as encouragement). Early season weather is typically warm and inviting, the orchard is green, and the crowds are non-existent. In September the children pick Macintosh or Galas from the trees and we can guarantee plentiful apples.

The fall harvest package, including a small pumpkin, will be available beginning September 17. We open the pumpkin patch to school trips a week before we open it to the weekend general public. Our fall harvest outing includes a tour of the pumpkin vines and a show-and-tell discussion of how the bees visit the huge yellow pumpkin flower. In September, the Pumpkin Patch is still green and flourishing allowing the children truly to see the plant story.

Adult & Non-School Group Pricing

Harvest outings are not, of course, just for school children! We are pleased to host adult group outings as well from corporate team building to scouts to special needs.

Our pricing for non-school groups is flexible and simple: a minimum required apple purchase per person plus whatever else you wish to pick and buy. Apple and pumpkin pricing is by the pound as priced that day.

We require that the group pay the minimum on arrival and will provide you with a credit coupon to be applied to your harvest purchase at checkout. Think of it as an admission fee that is refundable in apples and pumpkins!

The adult group leader, or alternatively each group participant, must pay by the pound for all pumpkins and apples that are picked over the minimum prepaid credit. Sorry, you may not discard apples that you've picked.

Moms Groups

No formal reservations are needed for moms' groups. Please visit our orchard as part of the general public, buy our apple picking bags, and pay for the apples you pick by the pound. Privately scheduled hayrides are $75.


Please call or email us with your questions or concerns. However, we appreciate your reviewing our FAQs first.


Groups of all types must have a reservation. We sincerely try to work with all to meet your group's specific needs.

Requesting a reservation is not confirming a reservation. You do not have a confirmed reservation until you have received a reservation confirmation form from us which we ask that you bring with you the day of your trip.

We need the following information from you to book your group outing. If you are opting for the minimum purchase per person pricing, and not a fixed price package, please be sure to tell us the nature of your group and its group trip needs.

  1. Name of Group
  2. Name of Contact Person for Group
  3. Group Contact Person's cell phone #
  4. Number of Persons in your Group: ___ youths and ___ adults
  5. Are you: Pre-school? Kindergarten? Grade___? Other, please describe.
  6. Have you reviewed the Group Pricing Sheet?
  7. Tell us (1) which "outing package" or (2) which "a la carte" offerings you want
  8. Do you want a hayride: yes / no
  9. Mailing Address
  10. Telephone number
  11. Fax number
  12. Email Address (optional)
  13. Date of Requested Reservation
  14. Arrival Time on Requested Reservation Date/li>

Reservations may be made

By email to Please include all the information above.

By phone at 908 879-2431. Please leave all the information in the reservation form on the reservation tape if you don't get a real person. We will get back to you. We do answer this phone personally in the mornings.

Please do not call the reservation line with apple variety or other questions as the reservation scheduler does not have this information. Call 908 879-5353 for apple picking information.

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