School and Group Trips to Riamede Farm are Open

Always Open to the General Public

Riamede Farm is open to individuals and families from 9:00am to 4:30pm all seven days of the week during apple and pumpkin harvest. Apples and pumpkins are sold by the pound. We will sell you a super-strong apple picking bag, or feel free to bring your own. Please call 908 879-5353 for daily information regarding which apples are ripe for picking and updates on crop availability. Or check this website's front page or our Facebook page.

We do not welcome large organized groups on busy peak harvest weekends, which are our "family days" reserved for the general public's enjoyment. Before September 15 and after October 20, this policy is relaxed. Buses are not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Groups of all types must have a reservation. We sincerely try to work with different groups to meet your group's specific needs.

We require that all pay for the apples picked. Discarding picked apples is simple theft for which we have a zero tolerance policy.

School and Group Trips By Reservation

Riamede Farm also hosts harvest outings for school, youth and other groups, by reservation only, during the week, Tuesdays through Fridays. We offer apple picking group trips, pumpkin picking group trips, and fall harvest group trips which combine apple and pumpkin picking into one wonderful day in the autumn countryside.

Our school trip pricing options include packages as well as our a la carte pricing menu. If you are seeking a less expensive option than one of our apple or harvest packages, please note that you are welcome to create your own trip pricing by choosing from the a la carte pricing menu. Start with the $1 base price and then just add your choices.

Click here for school group pricing and reservations.

Group Trip Tips

Early to mid-September is a great time for school apple picking trips (which we have priced attractively as encouragement). Early season weather is typically warm and inviting, the orchard is green, and the crowds are non-existent. In September the children pick Macintosh or Galas from the trees and we can guarantee plentiful apples.

The fall harvest package, including a small pumpkin, will be available beginning September 19, we hope. Please note that we open the pumpkin field to school trips a week before we open it to the weekend general public. Our fall harvest outing includes a tour of the pumpkin vines and a show-and-tell discussion about how the bees visit the huge yellow pumpkin flower. In September, the Pumpkin Patch is still green and flourishing allowing the children truly to see the plant story.

For groups that visit on or before September 22, we will book and guarantee the full child bag of apples. For groups that visit in October we prefer to offer and book only the three apple limit option. If, as October approaches, we find we have plentiful apples, we will be able to upgrade to the full apple bag if you wish, but that option will be at our discretion. Experience has taught us that all are happier if we promise only what we know we can deliver. If the apple supply is still flush, it's a happy surprise.

Non-School Groups

We welcome non-school groups on weekdays. Many different types of groups enjoy an apple picking outing from corporate team builders to scouts to special needs. We do not offer catering for groups and we do not have tents for gatherings. But we welcome all who are seeking a genuine harvest experience roaming an old fashioned orchard.

All groups must make a reservation regardless of group size. All group leaders must have a clear understanding of our procedures and pricing. Misunderstandings are unpleasant for all.

Our group trip pricing packages are structured for children. While these packages may be suitable for some non-school groups, we find that a minimum purchase per person pricing structure is more flexible and meets the needs of diverse groups.

Riamede is a walk-in orchard and wheelchair accessible on a dry day. Haywagon rides are available but not necessary.

Minimum Purchase per Person Pricing

For corporate, special needs , and other non-school groups, we offer a pricing based on a minimum purchase per person. A minimum is not a fixed price. A minimum is a request that each person purchase at least the agreed upon minimum dollar amount of apples, pumpkins, cider or other yummies available in our salesroom.

We ask that the group leader pay the minimum per person on your group's arrival. We then provide a credit receipt for that minimum amount for use at our cashier when the group weighs their apples and pumpkins in our farm market at check- out. The group leader, or alternatively each group participant, must pay by the pound for all pumpkins and apples that are picked over the minimum prepaid credit. Sorry, you may not discard apples that you've picked: its pick all you want, buy all you pick.

Moms Groups: No formal reservations for moms' groups. Please visit our orchard as part of the general public, buy our apple picking bags, and pay for the apples you pick by the pound.

Privately scheduled hayrides are $75.

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