Group Trip Pricing and Reservations

First: Click here to review and print our group pricing information. Please note that we offer both fixed price packages OR an a la carte pricing menu for you to custom price your trip. Alternatively, corporate, team-building, special needs and other groups may be scheduled on a minimum purchase per person basis. (See main group page for minimum purchase definition.)

Second: Click here to read and print our group leader Frequently Asked Questions.

Third: Fill in the reservation form below.

Fourth: Copy the reservation form into an email to us at Or call us on the reservation line at 908 879-2431. Leave all the information in the reservation form on the reservation tape if you donít get a real person. We will get back to you. We do answer this phone personally in the mornings.

Please do not call the reservation line with apple variety or other questions as the reservation scheduler does not have this information. Call 908 879-5353 for apple picking information.

If you are opting for the minimum purchase per person pricing, and not a fixed price package, please be sure to tell us the nature of your group and its group trip needs.

Requesting a reservation is not confirming a reservation. You do not have a confirmed reservation until you have received a reservation confirmation form from us which we ask that you bring with you the day of your trip.

Name of Group____________________________

Name of Contact Person for Group_______________ cell__________

Number of Persons in your Group: Youth_________ Adult __________

     Are you: Pre-school? Kindergarten? Grade___?

     Other, please describe___________

Have you reviewed the Group Pricing Sheet?

Tell us (1) which "outing package" or (2) which "a la carte" offerings you want:

     Do you want a hayride: yes / no

Mailing Address: _________________________________

Telephone number: ______________________________

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Email Address (optional) ______________________________

Date of Requested Reservation: _______________________

Arrival Time on Requested Reservation Date: _______________________