Mother Nature Report for 2016:


Mother Nature tested our apple faith and apple growing skills this year with several early spring hurdles. A warm March woke the apple trees up a tad early and then April gave us a deep freeze when the apple buds were no longer dormant and more vulnerable.

The freeze was followed by rain during blossom and pollination time. Bees like to stay inside, warm and dry, during heavy rains just like we do. Petal fall brought some cloudy overcast weather that is stressful to the baby apples. Fruitlets need the nourishment of sunshine.

Apple Harvest

By the time thinning season rolled around, we were clueless as to how many of our apples had made it through the tough spring making thin decisions even more challenging than the usual thin decision challenge which, trust us, is always challenging.

By July we knew that we would have plenty of apples. Whew! And we see no disease. Whew ditto!

The good news is that when not apple overladen, the apple tree can focus on giving each apple more nutritional attention growing them big and strong.

Mother Nature is wise in testing us occasionally, so we do not become complacent in our apple bounty. As always, asking that she bring us warm sunny weekends for your pick-your-own-apple-and-pumpkin outing to Riamede Farm, & thanking her for the harvest.