Hayrides through our orchard and, in October, out to the pumpkin patch are free on weekends. Our hay wagon rides circle the orchard continuously all day Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

Riamede is a walk-in orchard and it is not necessary to take the hayride in order to pick apples. The pumpkin field is further out, but also walkable. If you are allergic to hay or don't like bumpy rides, you may just roam out into the orchard through the front gate.

Hayrides are available to school groups on weekday mornings before noon. We charge per individual for wagon rides as part of our group trip arrangements. We will not overload our haywagons and reserve the right to ask adult companions on school trips to walk instead if there is not enough room for all safely.

We do not offer hayrides to the general public on weekdays, except on Columbus Day when the haywagon is typically running.

Privately scheduled hayrides by special request and reservation on a weekday are $75.